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3 years ago

Episode 24 – Blind Podcasters' Roundtable for 21 June 2021, Izotope RX

Digital audio restoration has come a long way. It is generally considered that the best in the bunch is Izotope RX. In the Blind Podcasters’ Roundtable, Brian Hartgen gave us a demonstration of some of the things this suite of products can do to clean up audio that’s less than optimal. Learn more at Note, since we want you to hear the full effect of the demo, we have not applied any of our usual post-production processing to this file.

Have a tool or product you know how to use and want to demo to the blind podcasting community? Please be in touch, we are always glad of contributions for the podcast. Be sure to follow the Blind Podmaker club on Clubhouse, and join our Blind Podmaker email group. Send a blank email to [email protected]