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1 year ago

Episode 33 – Jonathan and Richard Mosen unbox and demonstrate the Zoom M2 MicTrak from a blindness perspective

The Zoom M2 MicTrak is a 199 USD microphone that records. Pop a Micro-SD card into the MicTrak, and without any bulky gadgets and cables, you've got stereo 32-bit float recording. The fact that you can record in any situation without the risk of distortion is of enormous benefit to blind people recording in the field. When the product was launched late last year, it got off to the worst possible start, with overwhelmingly negative feedback about the product being unusable due to chronic radio frequency interference.

Zoom Sound Labs recalled many of the original batch of microphones, acknowledging the problem and proclaiming it fixed. And it appears they are right. The RF problems are gone and the device seems dependable. This handy microphone is an easy-to-use, simple way to get quality recording of anything, anywhere.

In this demonstration, we'll unbox the M2 MicTrak, set it up, and take you through every single menu item on the device, so you can build a cheat sheet to help you set it up the way you like.